Hi, I joined this so I could communicate w/ Mark America.

19 Feb

I was looking for a retired lt.col. in the Army from the Cove area.  I found Mark America’s blog about an ongoing incident involving horses, goats, donkeys and a retired lady colonel from Coryell County.  It appears her horses, goats, donkeys and cattle were illegally confiscated from her ranch after false evidence of them starving, etc. was given.  This happened last year 2012.

   How amazing to read the account of the ongoing horror of this nice lady’s life.  It could have been our account of 2004-2005.  Our little New Amish church bought 18 acres in Coryell County in 2003.  We planned on a Christian school grades 5-12, a family equine activity center, small camping area for folks who came to the activity center and for people with environmental illness also called Multiple Chemical Sensitivity.  It was going to be a combination church, school, and healing center.  Instead, after moving horses, one pet milk goat, other pets and chickens and ourselves to the land, we had within a few months two years of hate crimes and vandalism against the church by the neighbors.  Only one deputy cared enough to try to do something about the crimes and vandalism.  He finally quit and we were told he had moved out of state.  The drug addicts/drug runners and others that we knew were responsible for many animal injuries, poisonings and shootings, death threats against us, repeated vandalism including weekly perimeter fence destruction, theft of the mission church ranch’s water well pump during a Good Friday church service, were not even given a slap on the wrist for their continued crimes against our very peaceful New Amish church.  The Coryell County sheriff’s dept. protected the alcoholic atheist, the druggies, and some other black witchcraft practitioners who were attacking the church almost twice weekly.  After the Thundering Hooves Ministry stallions were tortured and embalmed alive with phenol, arsenic, mercury and lead, one deputy got a local J.P. to sign an illegal seizure order two days running.  The horses were chased mercilessly and loaded into vans.  One supposedly starving nursing tiny baby filly they could not catch, but they hauled off her nursing mother.  All the horses suffered stress leg injuries.  They came out the next day with another illegal seizure order and took almost every dog.  They had roping quarter horses and chased the one month old filly for two hours swinging their ropes.  This tiny Arabian newborn outran the quarter horses and deputies and finally jumped a five foot electric fence to run off onto our five hundred acre grazing lease.  She ran off into the forest to hide and did not come back until the deputies left with all our dogs.  A young Doberman they had no room to put in a crate so they tied her in the back of the sheriff’s truck by a choke collar.  One of the dogs was shot in his left thigh while at the Gatesville city pound and was left untreated to lie in his own blood for about a week until we were allowed to redeem all the dogs that obviously had food and tubs of water to drink which I showed the deputies before their second illegal confiscation. Only the nursing mother mare was returned to us.

   A few days after the hearing, the complainant who had turned us in hoping she would get some of the expensive horses admitted that she had been employed by Lone Star Equine Rescue and Habitat for Horses and that she had been poisoning the horses’ water and hay on a regular basis to make it look like they were starving and getting dehydrated.  She laughed demonically and said that the very first time that she poisoned the horses two years previous she had used Amdro fire ant killer mixed with granular horse mineral salt and pancake syrup.  She said she was a paid employee of these two “horse rescue organizations”.  Upon investigating these two horse rescues, they were the only horse rescue groups to participate in an illegal drive removing Western Shoshone tribe horses from their Indian owners.  One thousand healthy horses were driven in the January-February snows over the Rocky Mountains by helicopter.  A vet had certified the horses healthy at the start of the drive.  Over 100 foals, stallions, mares and fillies died being forced by helicopter through freezing mountains.  Over 20 legitimate horse rescue groups in the southwest U.S. had petition and phone campaigns to try to stop the mid-winter drive.  This information has since been hacked off the internet.  The two Texas equine rescue groups which participated in this drive when none of the area horse rescues would have anything to do with this cruelty have benefitted financially from their helping the BLM take away American Indian horses from the Indians.  The Shoshone have taken this matter to the world court as genocide against their people. 

      We were forced at gunpoint to sell my therapy riding horse, Biscuit the Appaloosa and two colts to the people who had been vandalizing our church and doing hate crimes for two years.  They were protected by a J.P. from Coryell County who wrote the two illegal seizure orders.  Not satisfied with torturing and embalming alive five of the Thundering Hooves Ministry stallions, and putting the same poison into the water tanks to kill the dogs and cats at the mission, after the animal killings in Sept. and Oct. 2005, the same poison the neighbor used on the dogs, cats, and horses was put in my bottled drinking water in November 2005.  I had nothing but poison water to drink for four days until my boss, Bishop Eddie Aaron, picked me up to take me to work as editor of his Christian newspaper.  I had seizures and convulsions on the floor of his office.  I called the same crooked deputy who had done the two illegal animal confiscations.  He said I would have to pay a doctor and if the doctor said I was poisoned that the sheriff’s dept. MIGHT pick up the poison water and have it tested IF THEY WERE IN THE MOOD.  WE had no money for the hospital or a doctor.  Bishop Aaron saved my life by forcing milk and bread down my throat until the convulsions ceased.  I still nearly died and within a year lost most of my teeth from the poison.  In 2010 a doctor told me I still have enough poison in my body to kill two full grown horses, or ten + times the lethal amount of phenol, arsenic, lead and mercury.  It says in the Bible that when a man or woman of God is given poison, they will not die.  I am not the first pastor to be poisoned by satanic people.  There have been others of truth before me. 

    In December of 2005 we loaded up what horses they had not killed yet, what other pets and chickens were still alive and fled for our lives out of Coryell County.   We are still under death threat  from the drug runners in that county who are still in possession as far as we know of the Appaloosa mare and the two colts.  The woman said she hated the Appaloosa mare, tried to defraud me of a different horse she said she liked better and said she might club or beat Biscuit the therapy horse to death.  One of the mares she  gave an Extra Special Poisoning to died two years ago with over 30 cancer tumors all over her body.  Three of our dogs died within a year of her poisoning them of cancer and another that was a six week old puppy when she poisoned it has recently had cancer surgery also.  WE still owe on the vet bills for the animals from cancer they got from the phenol and heavy metals poison put in their water.  This woman also hit me in the chest and knocked me to the ground making an old heart condition act up for two years after that. 

  When you have a society where criminals and drug addicts/dealers/runners are protected by judges and law enforcement and decent, quiet law-abiding citizens have their land poisoned, their animals tortured and killed, get beaten up and get poisoned with the intent that they die and the church be run out of the area, you have a society which is turning into a nightmare for honest, honorable, decent people.  We are full gospel New Amish.  We pray for those who hurt and abuse us and our animals.  However, these  acts continuing over two terrifying years when it was like being under seige on our own mission church ranch and then being attacked by law enforcement and judges when the judge’s friends were poisoning the animals because they did not want a church a mile down the road from them constitutes continuing acts of genocide against the Amish people.  What the Amish and native Americans have in common is that they both live with, by and for  their horses and other animals.  When the animals are run nearly to death daily by pit bulls and catahoulas, poisoned twice a week with substances to make them dehydrate and lose weight, and law enforcement protects the people doing these hate crimes, protects the people committing attempted murder, this is genocide.  Our horses were and what is left of them are part of our family.  The Shoshone horses were part of the Shoshone tribe’s family.  We are the people who are connected to the land.  We are the farmers, gardeners, and ranchers of America.  We raise your food.  We tend the livestock that plows the fields and raises the grain.  We go out on the cold nights to make sure all the animals have hay and grain, or  dog and cat food and warm bedding.  We go out in the rainstorms to make sure no critter is stuck in the mud.  We are America.  We are the backs that the rest of you stand upon. 

     For people in other churches and temples, do not think this cannot happen to you.  We are a small church.  When persecution comes, it will start with the smaller churches.  Very few people stood up for us and we could not even get news coverage when our church water well pump was stolen during a one hour prayer service.  We made press releases about the water pump to all the Coryell County papers.  Not one carried the story.  We ended up having to haul water 25 miles from a church with a water well that had lots of water.  We could not afford to replace the $1300 water well pump.

    Hopefully, Mr. Mark America will read this.  There are a lot more horrible things that were done to us and our animals.  Just so much I need not go into it here.  We forgive the people who hurt and killed our dogs, cats, horses.  However, it is way past time for restitution and paying the medical bills.  If Coryell County had been on top of things, none of these animals needed to die due to hate crimes.  By ignoring the criminal activity in the back woods of the county, the incidences just increased in number and boldness and severity.  It is a sad thing when good people have to live as if under seige in their own homes in the land of the free and people who hate others for no good reason are allowed to do whatever they want.

    If there is a human rights attorney or even an animal rights attorney out there who could help us get the needed medical help to get this poison chelated out of me and out of our animals and get restitution for what has been done to us and the animals, I would sure like to meet him/her.  YOu would be safer not living in Coryell County, but somewhere more civilized like Austin. 

           Blessings and freedom, peace to all.  Katherine the Katydidordidn’t.